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Weekend Game Loot! Sea of Thieves Limited Edition!

We’ve been out and about this weekend and got some pretty good deals on gaming stuff! ^^ The Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Wireless Controller is gorgeous! The Sony Playstation 4 should really catch up with more extravagant colors and designs! We don’t have an Xbox right now, but we do play some PC games… Continue reading Weekend Game Loot! Sea of Thieves Limited Edition!

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Unboxing of Monster Hunter Figure Builder (Rage Version)

I originally intended this blog to be more about miniatures, but I’m changing up things. As you might know if you’ve been seeing my posts in other social media, oftentimes on Instagram (@paniccoffee), you might have already guessed that I like many different hobbies such as painting, miniatures, video games, and board games. Therefore, it… Continue reading Unboxing of Monster Hunter Figure Builder (Rage Version)

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Galaxy Defenders Custom Inserts Project

I love big, sprawling adventure games! Galaxy Defenders is just that! To top it off, it has this sci-fi pulp/cult feel to it, which makes it both serious and funny at the same time. Also in this game, your victories, defeats and decisions matter and are carried over the span of scenarios in campaign mode.… Continue reading Galaxy Defenders Custom Inserts Project

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The X-Files Boardgame Thoughts and Custom DIY Inserts

This is one of those games we’ve hesitated purchasing. Looking into it some more changed our minds. We had a blast playing this one!  Kevin Wilson and IDW Games did a great job on this one. Basically 1 (preferably choosing 2 agents) to 4 players act acting as agents, which then goes up against a player that… Continue reading The X-Files Boardgame Thoughts and Custom DIY Inserts

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Journey to the 51st State!

Had a blast with Portal Games’ 51st State. As most of their games, it is tight, strategic, thematic, while also coupled with a bit of luck since all players draw from the same deck. Our painted Chaos cultists from Warhammer 40K were used to replace the meeple for workers.  They fit nicely with the game… Continue reading Journey to the 51st State!

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It’s a Tau Empire Party!

The sun begins to shine, therefore we can continue progress on the rest of our Tau Empire army! I also took advantage of dusting off some of the finished models already so they can shine on the battlefield! Behold Sa’Cea. Truth is, we need more. There can never be enough. :p Coffee Time!