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It’s a Tau Empire Party!

The sun begins to shine, therefore we can continue progress on the rest of our Tau Empire army! I also took advantage of dusting off some of the finished models already so they can shine on the battlefield! Behold Sa’Cea. Truth is, we need more. There can never be enough. :p Coffee Time! Advertisements

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Keeper of Secrets Conversion Part Two (Warhammer 40K)

Hello! This is part two of my conversion of the Keeper of Secrets (Gardiens des Secrets). So far, I could clip off arms from the Hive Tyrant kit to make it into a pincer-like arm. I also needed quite an amount of green stuff (both normal and liquid) to mold the breasts, the large piercings in… Continue reading Keeper of Secrets Conversion Part Two (Warhammer 40K)

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Common Hobbyist Injuries: Hobby Knife Cuts

While a lot of people might think that assembly of miniatures regardless of material is risk free, we all know that there are a small number of potential injuries and what I’m going to talk about is the most common and may actually send you to the hospital. Cuts. Tools used in the hobby includes… Continue reading Common Hobbyist Injuries: Hobby Knife Cuts