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Journey to the 51st State!

Had a blast with Portal Games’ 51st State. As most of their games, it is tight, strategic, thematic, while also coupled with a bit of luck since all players draw from the same deck. Our painted Chaos cultists from Warhammer 40K were used to replace the meeple for workers.  They fit nicely with the game… Continue reading Journey to the 51st State!

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Arkham Horror LCG Storage Solutions

Since Fantasy Flight Games have been releasing base sets of their LCGs in smaller boxes, I assume that like us, many of you also ran into a problem of making components fit into the box, especially after a few expansions. This is intended for those who plan on following suit with all expansions and a second… Continue reading Arkham Horror LCG Storage Solutions

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Who Said You Can’t? Keeper of Secrets (Conversion) Part Three

Hey! It has been a while and that long break recharged me for some more painting! You can find part two here. Honestly speaking, the hobby is not a cheap one, but then most hobbies are. All the more reason you’ll want to paint them to the best of your ability. The common denominator is… Continue reading Who Said You Can’t? Keeper of Secrets (Conversion) Part Three

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Keeper of Secrets Conversion Part Two (Warhammer 40K)

Hello! This is part two of my conversion of the Keeper of Secrets (Gardiens des Secrets). So far, I could clip off arms from the Hive Tyrant kit to make it into a pincer-like arm. I also needed quite an amount of green stuff (both normal and liquid) to mold the breasts, the large piercings in… Continue reading Keeper of Secrets Conversion Part Two (Warhammer 40K)