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Galaxy Defenders Custom Inserts Project

I love big, sprawling adventure games! Galaxy Defenders is just that! To top it off, it has this sci-fi pulp/cult feel to it, which makes it both serious and funny at the same time. Also in this game, your victories, defeats and decisions matter and are carried over the span of scenarios in campaign mode.… Continue reading Galaxy Defenders Custom Inserts Project

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Journey to the 51st State!

Had a blast with Portal Games’ 51st State. As most of their games, it is tight, strategic, thematic, while also coupled with a bit of luck since all players draw from the same deck. Our painted Chaos cultists from Warhammer 40K were used to replace the meeple for workers.  They fit nicely with the game… Continue reading Journey to the 51st State!

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It’s a Tau Empire Party!

The sun begins to shine, therefore we can continue progress on the rest of our Tau Empire army! I also took advantage of dusting off some of the finished models already so they can shine on the battlefield! Behold Sa’Cea. Truth is, we need more. There can never be enough. :p Coffee Time!

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Arkham Horror LCG Storage Solutions

Since Fantasy Flight Games have been releasing base sets of their LCGs in smaller boxes, I assume that like us, many of you also ran into a problem of making components fit into the box, especially after a few expansions. This is intended for those who plan on following suit with all expansions and a second… Continue reading Arkham Horror LCG Storage Solutions

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Fantasy Flight Games’ Packaging Revision

Me and my wife have been longtime fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ (FFG) products with their excellent quality and aesthetic impression they project when displayed on shelves, but it seems that in recent years, their products have suffered some dip in quality with regards to packaging. The expansions packs of Living Card Games (LCG) were packaged into blister packs instead of… Continue reading Fantasy Flight Games’ Packaging Revision

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Recruiting for the Human Sphere with some Calvados (Apple Brandy)

I’m pleased at how much this game has evolved in such a short time. Beautiful range of miniatures and the women really look like women! It has been a while that I wanted to have Sisters of Battle from the 40K range, but they never updated their sculpts. Corvus Belli seems to be in a good direction and competitive… Continue reading Recruiting for the Human Sphere with some Calvados (Apple Brandy)