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Arkham Horror LCG Storage Solutions

Since Fantasy Flight Games have been releasing base sets of their LCGs in smaller boxes, I assume that like us, many of you also ran into a problem of making components fit into the box, especially after a few expansions. This is intended for those who plan on following suit with all expansions and a second… Continue reading Arkham Horror LCG Storage Solutions

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The Investigators of Arkham Horror Premium Edition

Whoo! It’s been quite a while! I pre-ordered The Investigators of Arkham Horror and it has finally arrived! Beautiful art book and background stories for the investigators of Arkham Horror. Without further ado, here are some photos of what you would have gotten in the premium edition (The Miskatonic Museum not included, but I just got… Continue reading The Investigators of Arkham Horror Premium Edition

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Fantasy Flight Games’ Packaging Revision

Me and my wife have been longtime fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ (FFG) products with their excellent quality and aesthetic impression they project when displayed on shelves, but it seems that in recent years, their products have suffered some dip in quality with regards to packaging. The expansions packs of Living Card Games (LCG) were packaged into blister packs instead of… Continue reading Fantasy Flight Games’ Packaging Revision

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Unplugged Gaming Corner

Besides the books and video games corner, this is our favorite spot in our place.  Seeing those boxes always puts a smile on our faces, relieves the stress of the day, and you know, keeps our sanity  intact. :p As one my favorites artists would say, “surround yourself with what makes you happy.” That’s besides… Continue reading Unplugged Gaming Corner

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The Oldest Fear

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” -H.P. Lovecraft. We finally could get our copy of Arkham Horror The Card Game! We’ve been longtime fans of both Lovecraft and its expanded universe through Fantasy Flight Games’ board games such as… Continue reading The Oldest Fear

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Shadows of Brimstone (Swamps of Death) Completed!

Howdy parder! It’s been sometime since the last work in progress photos. Here are the miniatures in action! This is the finished painting of the Harbinger. I went for a slithery white pale skin so that the green swamp would bounce off a glow under its body. This is my custom made dividers for the game. The box… Continue reading Shadows of Brimstone (Swamps of Death) Completed!

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Shadows of Brimstone (Swamps of Death) WIP 2

The swamps have turned out pretty well. We’re still waiting on the other core set “City of the Ancients”. Our local game shop has problems with his dumb supplier, which he asked, since last December to replace the damaged boxes of “City of the Ancients” and guess what that asshole did? Dumb supplier replaced it… Continue reading Shadows of Brimstone (Swamps of Death) WIP 2