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Journey to the 51st State!

Had a blast with Portal Games’ 51st State. As most of their games, it is tight, strategic, thematic, while also coupled with a bit of luck since all players draw from the same deck. Our painted Chaos cultists from Warhammer 40K were used to replace the meeple for workers. ย They fit nicely with the game… Continue reading Journey to the 51st State!

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Dark Age – Feudal Lords Collectible Card Game

So yeah, we just stumbled upon a treasure trove. ๐Ÿ˜€ Dark Age lives on today, but in a miniatures game format.ย I’ve already been a fan of Gerald Brom’s artworks from Magic:The Gathering book and card artworks, but I’ve totally missed this collectible card game back in the day. Twenty-one years later… Happy weekend! Coffee time!… Continue reading Dark Age – Feudal Lords Collectible Card Game

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Unplugged Gaming Corner

Besides the books and video games corner, this is our favorite spot in our place. ย Seeing those boxes always puts a smile on our faces, relieves the stress of the day, and you know, keeps our sanity ย intact. :p As one my favorites artists would say, “surround yourself with what makes you happy.” That’s besides… Continue reading Unplugged Gaming Corner

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Android: Netrunner 2017

A set rotation is ย imminent next year. I think it’s the first time a rotation would be implement in a non-collectible card game.ย I guess it’s the only way to keep competitive play fresh and reduceย the barrier of entry for those who just want to play in organized events. I honestly like a more casual and… Continue reading Android: Netrunner 2017