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The X-Files Boardgame Thoughts and Custom DIY Inserts

This is one of those games we’ve hesitated purchasing. Looking into it some more changed our minds. We had a blast playing this one!  Kevin Wilson and IDW Games did a great job on this one.

Basically 1 (preferably choosing 2 agents) to 4 players act acting as agents, which then goes up against a player that will assume the role of the Smoking Man. The agents will try to solve the X-Files, while the Smoking Man will try to thwart them.


While gameplay is light, it is richly thematic, especially if you love the TV series. You could teach the game to new players in no time. Movement, agent and card abilities are pretty straightforward and being a cooperative game between agents, newer players can be assisted by more experienced ones. The game board is superb and sturdy, but the cards are a bit on the thin side, therefore, as with our other games that require card shuffling, we sleeve ’em all!


Now, the problem you might run into, as usual, is shelf space once you get expansions. At the moment of writing, there is currently only one, but I sincerely hope there will be more! I always make inserts for our games once we decide to commit to expansions, unless the game publishers/developers decide to actually make their stock inserts bigger for accommodating expansions and sleeved cards.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Foam Core (Carton Plume) of about 3mm
  • PVC Glue
  • Cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • Metallic Ruler (to guide cutting)
  • Non-black Marker or Pen
I wanted to preserve the stock insert for that nice background
After folding, cut off excess to match the inner box dimensions. Apply glue to fix it to the inner box. This will be where the inserts will be fastened to.
Measure remaining space after storing all rulebooks and game boards to know exactly how tall you should make your inserts.
Line up cards (sleeved or not) and trace lines with your markers.  These lines will make up their divisions.
For this box, I could make up to 8 divisions for cards. Divide the remaining space as you see fit. You can also use the card inserts for other components.


Once you have cut a portion of the foam boards with the measured height, use it as a template and make four more pieces.
Verify they have more or less the same dimensions
Once again, measure the foam board pieces you’ve already cut to fit into the divisions we’ve traced. Don’t forget to clean up excess glue spilling out. This could form sharp surfaces that could scratch your cards
The rest of the foam board should be cut into small pieces like these.
The small pieces of the foam board serve as divisions for cards, preventing them from spilling over, but still allowing for easy retrieval of cards. That is the reason for the gap in the middle. You can insert your thumb to pick up or store the stacks of cards.
Make sure you box can be normally closed snugly and no part of the bottom box showing up. If that happens, you might have made your inserts’ height too tall to accommodate the game boards and manuals. Try shaving it off with the cutter, but ideally, measuring beforehand is better

Finally, here is a gallery of the finished project!

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Coffee time! 🙂



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