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Arkham Horror LCG Storage Solutions

Since Fantasy Flight Games have been releasing base sets of their LCGs in smaller boxes, I assume that like us, many of you also ran into a problem of making components fit into the box, especially after a few expansions. This is intended for those who plan on following suit with all expansions and a second base set.

No space!

Here’s a bit of a DIY box mod I made to both make space for all components and expansions with the intent of conserving the original box(es). Here’s what you’ll need:

  • x2 copies of Arkham Horror: The Card Game base sets
  • Colored marker (preferrably Gold color)
  • Cutter
  • Cutting mat or any surface that you don’t mind having scratches or cut marks on
  • PVC glue (white glue)
  • Tape
  • Old paint brush or piece of cardboard you can use like a brush
Turn over the top box cover and cut from behind as shown. Do the same procedure for the bottom box cover. Exercise extreme caution when using a cutter!
The top and bottom box covers should come off after cutting. Don’t dispose of them as we’re going to reuse it as dividers/inserts later on. Basically, you end up cutting the top and bottom surfaces of one box so that it becomes hollow with only the 4 sides remain.
Now stack the top box cover to dry fit it over the uncut top box cover (your other base set top cover). Do the same for the cut hollow bottom box cover over the uncut one (your base set bottom box).
That’s more like it! At this point, you may decide you want your cards upright or sideways. Sideways works better if you want to store the manuals and other components of the game in the same box.
Now it’s time to tape the boxes together. This is merely temporary to make sure we align the two boxes correctly.
Ideally you’ll want to use an old paint brush to dab and lather PVC glue on top of the edges we’ve just taped. This will create a thin, but strong encrusted layer of adhesive to meld the two boxes.
Sometimes the cuts on the board reveal some of the inner torn cardboard. They would look like white chips on the sides of the box. Use any colored marker to cover it up nicely. Gold markers look really nice on blue. Use a ruler for neat straight lines.
Now that looks better!
Measure how many compartments for cards/game components you want for the box. I put mine sideways, so I could still put the manuals and other components on top.
Now to reuse the box surfaces we’ve cut off. I’ve cut them about 2cm to make the card dividers/inserts. Apply PVC glue to fix them in place. Make sure to clean up glue that spreads out in the bottom to have a flat surface. This will ensure your cards are safe from dents and peeling.


Leave it dry for at least 3 hours to make sure that the PVC glue has sufficiently hardened to support cards’ weight and movement of box itself as you open and close it. Put some talc powder on the inner portion of your new taller box cover to provide easement in opening and closing the new box. Just don’t pour it on your cards! 😉



Store in game shelf! 🙂

If you don’t mind conserving or using the original box, an alternative storage solution would be either cardboard or plastic storage boxes such as Arcane Tinmen’s Four Compartment Boxes, or Ultimate Guard’s Stack ‘n’ Safe Card Box.

Arcane Tinmen’s Four Compartment Boxes/ You’ll probably need at least two of them and a separate storage container for your chits, tokens and other components.


The Stack ‘n’ Safe Card Box holds up to 480 sleeved cards.

A more cheaper alternative is just a plain old shoe box or craft box you could gather. You can also make card divisions for it using cut cardboard and PVC glue.

Hope that could be of help! Give me a a like if you liked this project and you can follow my instagram @paniccoffee, twitter @realpaniccoffee, and facebook!

Until then, coffee time!



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